For Publishers

Sell direct. Get customer emails and relationships.


How it works.

Build Your Inventory

Create an Aerio storefront in a matter of minutes using the inventory upload function

  • Find your books by ISBN
  • Upload a CSV of your book inventory
  • Pull inventory from your GoodReads account

Have print titles in Ingram’s wholesale program? Other Aerio Book Network stores can sell those too.

Sell Your Books

Sell books exclusively through your online channels or make your inventory available across the entire Aerio network. We offer multiple options to fit your needs and maximize sales.

  • Embed the Aerio cart on your current website
  • Only embed Buy widgets on your current website
  • Choose your level of protection with flexible DRM options from hard, social, or none at all
  • Allow other Aerio retailers to sell your titles

Increase your sales potential with access to 14 million print titles outside of your press.

Share your Books

Aerio gives you the freedom to easily connect with readers on social media so you can share your unique story.

  • You, your customers, and other Aerio stores can share sample book pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Use high-quality previews across social media channels to capture customer emails
  • Start establishing direct customer relationships online and build your audience

Control your data—reports, cart statistics, product views, and store visits—and control your sales.