Sell Books. Make More Money.

Experiencing massive success selling books online with Aerio is simple. So simple we can break it down into four—count ‘em—four basic steps.

Build Your Inventory

You can upload your own ebooks or take your pick from our massive network of print and ebooks, or you can do both.

We Want Your eBooks

  • Simple upload process
  • High-quality previews
  • Three flexible packages perfected for any sales strategy

We Have the Print Books

  • More than 14 million titles to choose from—easily searchable by ISBN, keyword title, or author
  • Choose single titles or build your own custom collection
  • Professionally curated pre-made lists available

Sell Your Books

You’re the boss. You call the shots. Embed your store on a website or add widgets and “Buy Now” buttons to a blog.

  • Millions of titles ready to sell in less than 5 minutes
  • User-friendly embedding turns your website into an book selling machine
  • Prefer the minimalist approach? Add custom “Buy” buttons on any page you’d like

Sell your books. Sell our books.

Setting a store on Aerio Book Network offers unlimited sales potential. Along with the ebooks you upload, you also have access to over 14 million print titles from our global distribution partners.

Get Social

You’ve got the goods, now spread the word across the most widely accessed online communities.

  • Share and promote every title—print or digital—on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more
  • Multiply your points of sale with high-quality previews easily accessible on social media
  • Meet your customers where they spend most of their time online or connect via email
  • Sharable product/title pages

Make Connections

Want life-long customers? Nurture strong relationships with direct email marketing, permissions, and informative analytics.

Choose the Best Package for Your Strategy

You have the freedom to manage sales and customer engagement your way. Whether an established retailer or ecommerce self-starter, Aerio Book Network offers a world of opportunities.

Capture Emails via Previews

  • Sell exclusively through your website
  • Use widgets anywhere you have permission online
  • Take advantage of Aerio’s reach and generate leads beyond your online real estate

Join the Retail Network

Your store is always free! Sell any of the books, graphic novels, videos, gifts, or other items in our current 14MM item catalog.

Add Ebooks to Aerio

Free 14 day trial! Then just a modest, one-time setup fee per book, then you or anyone else can sell them anywhere. Fees are less the more books you upload.

Premium Marketing Plus and Flyer premium plans start at just $49 per ebook, annually. Send buyers to any retailer; free eBook giveaways; email capture and more. Get in touch for volume discounts!