Two Ways to Get Paid

You deserve a bigger piece of the online book sales pie. Two revenue streams means you make significantly more on print and digital titles.

Get Paid as a Retailer

Sell books, make money. It’s that simple.

Get Paid as a Book Publisher

Add your book to Aerio’s catalog.

Pricing and Features

Signing up and opening a store on Aerio is always free. If you’d like to upload your own ebook you can choose from one on the three tiers below.

  Sell Your Books Sell + Marketing Ultimate Marketing
  Aerio Retail Aerio Plus Aerio Flyer
Up to 30% profit for each item sold  
Choose a listing price and set discounts  
Capture email addresses at the end of every purchase with opt-in  
Customize store and item landing pages to match your brand  
Easily embed your storefront in websites or blogs  
Print book fulfillment by Ingram  
Promote ebooks with widgets, rich media, and buy buttons   
Hassle-free payments and sales tax handled by Aerio  
Customer Sales Support  
Mobile-first responsive design
Create and share ebook samples
Include links in emails and newsletters that open samples directly
Easily share ebook samples on social media
Sell exclusively through your Aerio store    
Capture email addresses with custom messaging inside ebook samples  
Linking through to third-party retailers  
Up to 500 free ebook giveaways    
  $10 One-Time Fee $49 per title annually $99 per title annually

Join the Retail Network

Your store is always free! Sell any of the books, graphic novels, videos, gifts, or other items in our current 14MM item catalog.

Add Ebooks to Aerio

Free 14 day trial! Then just a modest, one-time setup fee per book, then you or anyone else can sell them anywhere. Fees are less the more books you upload.

Premium Marketing

Aerio Flyer premium plans start at just $99 per ebook, annually. Send buyers to any retailer; free eBook giveaways; email capture and more. Get in touch for volume discounts!