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Step 1: Add Books

Step 1
Add Books

Create an online storefront by choosing titles from our massive catalog of books, or by uploading your own ebooks. Sell both ebooks and print books side-by-side.

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Market Books
Market Books

Step 2
Market Books

Boost your book marketing by promoting your books across the most widely accessed online communities.

  • Promote books on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more with built-in social share icons.
  • Share purchase-enabled book pages through any online platform.
  • Sign up for our Book Marketing Features to capture more leads with digital book previews - choose from 3 flexible plans.
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Step 3
Sell Books*

Sell books online direct to your readers.

  • Create and post customizable book widgets and previews on your blog or website.
  • Sell from your online Aerio store, your website and social media.
  • Print book sales are included in NPD BookScan reports, used to inform major bestseller lists.
Sell Books
Market Books
Make Connections

Step 4
Make Connections

Capture customer emails and sales analytics to build and nurture strong relationships with readers.

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Authors & Publishers

Instantly share, preview and sell your books from anywhere and reach your target audience.

Bookstores and retailers

Bookstores & Retailers

Capture online sales, boost your marketing, and connect with customers via social media.

Influencers and nonprofits

Nonprofits & Influencers

Earn revenue on every sale and grow your email list by selling books on blogs, websites, and social.

Room to Grow

Room to Grow

From promoting a single book to creating a small online bookstore, Aerio scales with you. Market and sell books online direct to readers, while extending your reach and growing your audience.

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More Reasons to Love Aerio

We make it as simple as possible to market & sell your books directly to your consumers.

Fast Store Setup
Fast Store Setup
Collect Emails
Collect Emails
We Handle Fulfillment
Sell Direct to Consumers

Share Books Everywhere

Aerio features easy-to-use customizable book widgets to share on websites or any social stream.

Book Widgets
Book Widgets
Book Previews
Book Previews
Social Sharing
Social Sharing

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