About Aerio

Aerio is an independent retail network built for book lovers to market & sell books direct to consumers.

What is Aerio?

Aerio is a book marketing and sales* platform designed to give users multiple avenues to directly engage with their audience and share their important message.

Powered by Ingram Content Group, one of the world’s largest book distributors, Aerio’s book marketing tools, along with your Aerio online bookstore, give publishers, authors, and booksellers alike the advantages they need to promote their books, gain a bigger following, and make more book sales in a crowded marketplace.

Who Can Use Aerio

The Aerio platform is built around promoting, sharing, and selling books online, and therefore is perfectly aligned with the needs of publishers, authors, and booksellers. However, anyone with a unique story to share and an audience to share it with will find value in Aerio.

You don’t have to be a member of the book industry to benefit from Aerio’s formidable sales and marketing solutions. Non-profits, public speakers, booklovers, and tastemakers—anyone with a message and a captive audience, who wants to connect with those who matter most and share valued content, can profit from Aerio.

How Does Aerio Work

Aerio integrates direct-to-reader book marketing tools and an intuitive online bookstore with your website, blog, social media and other online platforms.

Aerio helps to boost your book promotions strategy and grow your audience so you can sell more books online.

About Ingram Content Group

The world’s largest wholesaler of print and electronic books to independent bookstores, bookstore chains, internet retailers, and specialty markets, as well as other wholesalers. Ingram distributes to more than 38,000 retailers, libraries, schools, and distribution partners in 195 countries.


"A deal made in digital heaven."
If a startup acquisition in the publishing space has ever looked like a match made in digital heaven, the Ingram Content Group-Aerio deal is it…the goal is to “make the power of the publishing supply chain, for both print and ebooks, available to anyone at the push of a button…In the same way that distribution is a service, and print-on-demand is a service, and digital fulfillment is a service, now there’s retail as a service.
— The Bookseller

"Ingram Buys Aerio"
Aerio began as a developer of “native commerce” programs that gave publishers and other interested parties the ability to embed links with buy buttons in their tweets and Facebook posts. The company then expanded with Store Maker, a platform that offers the ability to set up a complete online storefront. Aerio Flyer was another addition–a marketing tool that allows publishers to promote titles to their customers…
— Publishers Weekly

"HarperCollins Publishers to Preview and Directly Sell on the Mobile, Social Web"
“We are thrilled to be working with Aerio to put our books in front of readers in a new way,” said Chantal Restivo-Alessi, Chief Digital Officer, HarperCollins Publishers. “This is another step forward in trying new ways to engage readers and expand the reach of our authors.”
— HarperCollins

"Aerio, A Different Mousetrap"
“Even before their acquisition by Ingram this week, I would have said the big news is the evolution of Ron Martinez’s retailing tools at Aerio, which, for the first time starts to address the problem of distribution for indie authors, especially those who publish print books. Aer.io allows authors to sell direct to readers on their own site or through the social web. – Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer
— BookWorks

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