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The Aerio platform allows Authors and Publishers to promote single title and book collections directly to consumers with no hassle and increased profits.

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Books are your business, and you do it well, but if you’re looking for something extra to take your efforts to the next level, Aerio is your solution. Aerio allows you to create a free bookstore, capture consumer data, boost book sales and marketing efforts, and much more. Aerio gives your business the edge it needs to further its potential.

Unlimited book uploads

Unlimited Ebook Uploads

Instant book previews

Instantly Generated Book Pages

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Profits Directly Deposited into Your Account

NPD Bookscan

Reporting of Print Book Sales to NPD Bookscan

As an Author or Publisher, Aerio helps your business:

capture more direct book sales

Capture More Direct Book Sales

Get more profit form your content! With Aerio, you can sell print and ebooks side-by-side – all at NO cost to you! You can also earn a % of every sale, separate from Publisher compensation and Author Royalties. All your direct-to-consumer sales are reported to NPD Bookscan.

Capture Emails Through Personalized Engagement

Whether starting your email list from scratch or strategizing ways to reach new growth goals, your business can benefit from Aerio’s intuitive and diverse email capture. Create your own dedicated customer base that you can promote to, update, and survey any time for FREE.

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On-Demand Reporting

Get the most relevant data about how your books are performing on one easy-to-use platform. Aerio provides on-demand sales reports that give a clean picture of what is working in your book marketing strategy and what is not so you can make the necessary adjustments.

More Profits with No Hassle

We manage your sales tax, security, and customer support and can take care of fulfillment, delivering your books directly to your consumers and leaving you more time to promote your books and build your brand. It’s as easy as sign up, set up and GO!

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Boost Your Book Marketing with Digital Previews

Improve conversions by engaging readers with a sneak-peek of your content. Share previews on your website or social sites in exchange for emails and schedule eBook giveaways. Upgrade your Free account with a Subscription to unlock our full marketing, selling and email-capture features with previews.

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Aerio was made for Authors and Publishers like you!

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