3 Social Media Book Marketing Mistakes

3 Social Media Book Marketing Mistakes

March 22, 2017
Aerio Staff

You can win big selling books on social media, and you can flop big. Here are a few ways not to flop.

Any savvy online retailer will tell you marketing your books on social media is a must. You have a huge captivated audience. A lot of freedom. Plenty of ways to diversify your messaging. Tons of potential. However, all that potential can turn into a huge headache if you don’t take a pause to consider your approach to selling a book through social media.

There’s no foolproof formula to social media sales success—different books, different audiences, etc.—however; we can share with you a few tips on what not to do.

Things to Avoid in Social Media Marketing for Books

When it comes to selling a book through social media, these three points are pretty much universally accepted as what not to do.

  1. Don’t jump the gun and start selling on social media before establishing your brand
  2. Don’t be a narcissist, focusing every message on you and selling your books
  3. Don’t be an automaton, automating everything

One thing you should definitely DO is keep reading to find out why you should avoid these social media marketing mistakes.

1. Don’t Jump the Gun

Confidence is a good thing. You need it in this business. But confidence with patience will take you a lot further. We know you’re excited to get out there and start selling on social media, but first things first—establish your brand.

Customers shop brands. They want to know who you are and what you stand for. Any smart sales person will tell you that you can’t dive right into your pitch; you have to build report. Which leads to our second point—it’s not always about what you have to sell.

2. Don’t be a Narcissist

OK, so maybe that’s a bit extreme, but it should get the point across. Social media is a great way to be—you guessed it—social. Get to know your audience. Nurture productive discussions not focused around your brand and your books. The key here is being authentic on social media.

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Potential customers probably share your interests, start there
  • Talk about things going outside of your industry
  • Run a poll and show people you are interested in what they think
  • Use the results of said poll to find more topics for discussion

Selling books on social media is more about relationships than anything else. That being said, you can’t get that air of genuineness if you employ a “set it and forget it” approach.

3. Don’t be an Automaton

Robot, android, Cyberman, The Borg, take your pick—just don’t be like them. This goes back to what we were saying earlier about being authentic on social media. Appear like a real person, not an emotionless brand.

Of course some social media automation tools are incredibly helpful if you need to send basic messages to a large segment spread across multiple platforms. But don’t completely remove yourself from the equation.

Offer a level of personality to your social media strategy and people are sure to take notice.

  • Post information relevant to customers’ lives
  • Engage with conversation
  • Limit your canned responses

This means you’re going to have to set aside time for interacting with people. Do not neglect the social element of selling on social media.

  • Introductions first
  • Get to know customers
  • Engage like a real person

If you decide to sell books on social media, it’ll take some work to find your unique approach. But thankfully not too long, because now you definitely know what not to do.

If you think you’re ready to start marketing your books on social media, Aerio provides the perfect launch pad.

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