5 Ways to Successfully Market Your eBook

5 Ways to Successfully Market Your eBook

Aerio Staff

Marketing ebooks online can be challenging. Especially when you’re vying for the attention of an audience that has more options than ever before.

How do you stand out?

Get closer to your audience by marketing to create connections, not merely to make a sale.

Expand Your eBook Marketing Platform

While the internet is a mass expanse of information, the ecommerce space can seem tiny. However, your corner of the internet possess more power than you might realize. It takes vigilance and constant tuning, but the work is worth it.

The following tips will help you expand your ebook marketing platform and establish a strong foundation for success.

1. Make Yourself Available

The more online platforms you have the more impressions you can create, which means increased opportunities to collect valuable audience info.

Consider Twitter, a blog, and a website. These three platforms can work together to guide your audience down a pathway that offers benefit to both of you.

  • You share a link on Twitter to your blog post discussing a new book review.
  • The Twitter post links back to the blog, which also contains a link to a free preview of the book.
  • When someone clicks on the free preview link, they are directed to your website to download the preview by completing a short form.

That’s three touch points where you can make an impression, provide your audience with valuable content, and collect contact information for re-targeting.

2. Be Social

Expanding your platform won’t work if you aren’t speaking their language; that is, the language of engagement.

It’s the 21st century. People have options. Don’t always be closing, as it can be off-putting to the modern-day consumer. Make yourself more attractive by earnestly getting to know them with engagement like:

  • Asking questions
  • Posting polls on Twitter
  • Running giveaway contests on Facebook
  • Sparking conversations on forums
  • Offering insider info

There are tons of ways you can be social without selling, you just need to make the effort to do so.

3. Learn to DIY

Keep looking for educational information on how to market your ebooks, with topics like:

Becoming skilled at just a few marketing tactics will put you miles ahead of the competition.

4. Price Reasonably

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking “I’ve worked so hard on this book, it’s priceless!” Overpricing can easily drive people away.

Part of getting to know your audience is knowing what they are willing to pay. Look for ebooks similar to yours. How are they priced? If you see a well-preforming book similar to yours or one in your catalog, it’s a safe assumption the price is on point. Don’t try to undercut the competition, but match what they are doing.

5. Ask an Expert

Get close to your customers by getting close to experts. Authors who have been there before may be more than willing to give advice on how to promote your ebook. They might not know the exact needs and desires of your audience, but asking for help could spark some ideas.

Some of the ways you can ask for help or get useful ebook marketing insights include:

  • Posting on book forums
  • Tweeting at successful authors
  • Commenting on blogs

And don’t be afraid to extend your inquiries beyond authors to other industry pros like editors, designers, and proofreaders.

Build Relationships. Build Return.

Marketing and selling aren’t synonymous. Market first to get to know your customer— the things they care about most. Engage with your readers with some thoughtful ebook content. Once you’ve pulled them in with a value-add, they’ll be more ready to make a purchase. And more likely to stay a loyal fan.

Offer your audience things they want, in the forms they want them in. Whether it’s free ebook previews or competitive pricing. Start marketing your ebooks with the intention of building relationships and the job of retaining and converting will become a lot easier.