Add Fireworks to Your Digital Marketing Campaigns with Great Content

Add Fireworks to Your Digital Marketing Campaigns with Great Content

Aerio Staff

Or are you delivering a full on display of neck craning peonies,girandolas, and palm trees (fireworks people love botany, obviously) thatfascinate, entertain, and keep your audience engaged and invested?

To get some serious ooohs and aaahs that translate into impressions &engagement, consider adding a bit of pop to your digital marketing with some unique content.

Why Great Content Marketing Works

There are a lot of competing voices out there screaming:

“Hey, look over here! Buy/like/follow this thing!”

Why? Because you told me to? Sorry. Doesn’t work that way.

The information age has been a blessing for digital marketers, but also acurse. There are more options, more channels, more messages—and more trash.So, your audience has become a fickle bunch.

On the flipside, because people have made themselves more accessible, yourdigital marketing toolkit has grown significantly. It’s overflowing withnew content ideas and marketing tactics. Great content marketing uses thoseelements to bridge gaps between sellers and consumers to create a mutuallybeneficial journey.

Content Creation Ideas

A lot of marketing tactics go hand-in-hand with digital content. The key ismaking sure you’re using it to share meaningful stories with the rightaudiences, in the right places.

An effective content marketing campaign doesn't scream at people, nor is ita list of features. Good content marketing is benefit driven. It deliversvalue, entertains, and builds connections. Eventually, your content willbring people close enough to prompt a conversion.

Images and Video

If content is king, imagery is queen, and in many cases, the queen reignson high.

According to a recent HubSpot article, there is a direct correlationbetween visual content and increased traffic and engagement, leading tomore conversions.

Visual content is also easily digestible by a mobile crowd with a shortattention span. Imagery quickly grabs the attention of your audience andallows them to engage in ways that words on a screen don’t. Which leads usto our second content type.

Interactive Content

Want a sparkling example of interactive content? Look at the past “GoogleDoodles” - the temporary changes made to theGooglelogo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famousinfluencers.

Rarely, if ever, does the Google Doodle appear as marketing or brandawareness. What they often do is tell a story, provide entertainment, andinform. If you can harness interactive media into your content marketingcampaign, the results will blow your mind.

It doesn’t have to be as flashy as the Google Doodle. Simply give people a call to action other than Subscribe, Like, or Buy.

Storytelling Content

Stories describe a journey. A story created for marketing content describesthe customer journey. When marketing content is perfected, it merges yourgoals and the customers’ experiences to tell a cohesive story.

The power behind storytelling content is that it positions your message inthe real-world. It illustrates you’re not some detached entity, but live inthe same places as your audience, and share similar experiences andchallenges.

How Content Marketing Should Work

You probably have some great content ideas rattling around. But remember,we aren't yelling at people. Content should be a conversation that says:

“Oh, you’re interested in this? Let’s talk about it and why it’s importantto you. Tell us how we can give you more.”

Create content people want. Segment. Personalize. Make it mobile. Make itfun!

  • Segment Your Audience

Time for some tough love—Not everyone is going to be interested in what youhave to say.

If you’ve designed a visually stunning infographic on different ways towear a winter scarf, start targeting geographically with areas that often experience harsh winters.

  • Personalize Messaging

When possible, use names or something that identifies your audience as anindividual. Create content that asks them to get involved, answerquestions, or share an opinion.

Use automated triggers based on that individual or segments behavior. Thisway, you send certain messages that are targeted and timely. Communicate attheir level of engagement, which they control.

  • Mobile First

Every piece of online marketing content, whether a video or blog,needs to be optimized for mobile users. If your content is not easily digested on mobile devices, you are losingout on a ton of impressions.

According to a recent article from Bizness Apps, mobile is driving close to80% of internet usage, and 68% of companies are making mobile content partof their overall marketing strategy. Trends like these suggest going mobilefirst is a smart move - it’s time to hop on board.

  • Be Fun!

Good content is like fireworks—it’s fun and grabs your attention! In theend, remember you’re talking to people. People love to be entertained.

  • A list of features = Not fireworks
  • An infographic showing how features help people do awesome stuff = KABOOM!

Your audience has choices. By building a content marketing strategy that’sinfused with a captivating messaging, engages people in their journey andresounds with their needs, you can make sure they choose you.