Author Signings at Live Events Can Help You Sell More Books

Author Signings at Live Events Can Help You Sell More Books

Aerio Staff

Live events are excellent opportunities for you to get out there andpromote your books.

Live author events give readers more background on both author and book, help create buzz, and help you sell more books.

Readers enjoy meeting authors in person, whether the author is abest-selling favorite or an up-and-coming writer just stepping into theworld of publishing. Connections made at in-person events help readers feelinvested in your work and can increase your fan base for years to come.

So, how can you set yourself up for success at author signings and sellmore books? Read on.

Top Ways to Successfully Sell Your Books at Author Signings & OtherLive Events

Well-known published authors tend to have an easier time getting people toattend author signings at live events, but indie authors can make it happen too. The key is to plan ahead toensure you have an audience.

Get People to Show Up

  • Get Social. That means maintaining your online social media presence and using your author platform to let your followers know when and where you'll be by using event hashtags and geotags.
  • Create event pages on Facebook and Goodreads, and work with your venue coordinator to let their customers know you're holding a book signing event at their place of business.
  • Schedule social posts ahead of time with social media automation tools, to build up momentum and buzz. WordPress and other hosting sites allow you to write blog entries ahead of time and schedule their posting in the future.
  • Create Signage. Work with your venue to create signage and, if possible, advertising about your live author event. Make sure your signage prominently displays your face next to the book.
  • Distribute Flyers. Provide flyers and bookmarks your venue can hand out two weeks ahead of your scheduled event.
  • Send Invitations. Mail and email invitations, then follow up a couple of days before your event.
  • Choose Timing. Timing is everything! You may want to hold your event as soon as you publish, but consider having an author signing for your romance book right before Valentine's Day, or hosting an author signing/cooking demo for your latest cookbook just before the holiday season.

Create a Memorable Experience & Be Prepared to Sell

So! You've received 100 "Yes, I'll be there!" RSVPs on Facebook and evenmore "Maybes," - great! BUT, it takes more than having people in the roomto sell books. The good news is, published authors have been holding book marketing and author signing events long before you even started your book, and youcan learn from their success.

  • Craft your pitch and create follow-up materials. Plan what you're going to say to pique your audience's interest. Your pitch should include:
  • Information about yourself and your writing experience
  • The inside scoop on what makes your book interesting and why people will want to read it.

Create follow-up materials that include your contact information and wherereaders can learn more about your book - and where to purchase additionalcopies and future books.

  • If you've written a children's book, consider teaming up with a local YWCA or children's hospital.
  • Have a charity spokesman at the event and let them speak for a few minutes about the work they do and the importance of their charity.
  • Invite attendees to purchase a second copy of your book for the charity.
  • Host your book signing along with other authors / professionals somehow related to your book, like a local chef for your cookbook.
  • Consider promotions, bundles, and discounts. Think about promotions such as a raffle for a gift basket that includes your book and related goodies, or even extra copies of your book for gifting free samples to attendees. Offer discounts or bundled deals for people who show up and purchase your book.
  • Collect contact information. Collect business cards or email addresses from attendees, but don't contact them without their permission.
  • Connect author signings to larger industry events. Attach your author signing to larger events like writing and book conferences . Author signings at book conference events (before, during, or after) are typically quite successful when it comes to selling books; you've got your reading audience built right in!

Author signings and other live events provide great opportunities for youto get the word out about your book, introduce you to current and potentialfans, and help build valuable connections between you and your readers.Plan your live book-signing event carefully, do everything you can to fillseats, and don't just show up; create an event people will want to attendand be glad they did. The bottom line is: Author signings sell books!