Boost Your Book Marketing with Twitter Analytics

Boost Your Book Marketing with Twitter Analytics

Aerio Staff

In an earlier post we discussed the importance of using social media to market your books.

That post, found here, covered what social book marketing is and how you can use it to promote and sell your books.

Maintaining a consistent social media presence—posting relevant content often and engaging with your followers—is incredibly beneficial, but if you want a fully-developed social book sales strategy, you need to dive into some analytics. One of the best platforms to build familiarity with analytics and how they help you, is Twitter.

Why Start with Twitter?

Whether you’re an author or publisher, Twitter is a great tool for increasing your visibility online, which in turn will help you sell more books. Twitter is a great way to foster buzz about your brand and books, and also serves as a gateway to other points of sale, like your blog or website.

The fastest way to build a following on Twitter and ensure you are posting content that drives fellow Tweeters to your perch, is by making use of Twitter’s built-in analytics.

How to Add Analytics to Your Twitter Profile
  1. Open Twitter (seems simple enough, right?)
  2. Click on your small round profile picture in the upper-right corner of the screen
  3. From the drop-down menu, click on Analytics
  4. This will take you to a page that gives the option to Turn analytics on
  5. Click that button and you will be whisked away to a Twitter analytics dashboard
What Do My Analytics Tell Me?

It may be a little imposing at first, but if you just take it step-by-step, one section at a time, you will see that mastering your Twitter analytics isn’t that difficult.

Under the Home section you’ll see a 28-day summary of your Tweet performance, which includes:

  • How many Tweets you have tweeted
  • How many impressions you are getting (number of times users saw a Tweet)
  • How many times your Profile page was visited
  • How many times you were mentioned in other user’s Tweets
  • The total number of followers you have

If you continue to scroll down, you can see other Tweet Highlights from a monthly basis like:

  • Top Follower – Someone prominent on the platform who engages with you often
  • Top Mention – Which Tweet has drawn the most engagement
  • Top Media Tweet – Best performing Tweet that includes a graphic element (usually a picture or video)
  • Top Tweet – Which Tweet has gained the most impressions

You can also dig a bit deeper into your Top Tweet by clicking the View All Tweet Activity link. This breakdown offers a real-time example of what is working and helping drive your social media marketing engagement.

How Do Twitter Analytics Help Me Improve My Social Media Marketing?

Billions of interactions take place across the Twitterverse every minute. If you are participating on a regular basis, Twitter analytics gives you a living, breathing image of social media marketing success or failure.

Is your Twitter on life support or is it ready to run a marathon?

Twitter analytics is audience insight at its best. This helpful dashboard gives you all the information you need to craft the most engaging Tweets. From this flow of real-time social marketing data, you can gather a gold mine of information like:

  • What topics garner the most impressions?
  • Do people tend to click more on Tweets with graphics?
  • What links get you the most clicks?
  • What are the most effective hashtags?
  • Does including a call-to-action get more engagement?

This list just scratches the surface. Twitter analytics also offers additional insights on audience demographics, when are the best times to Tweet, and more.

Using Twitter analytics as part of your social media book marketing strategy will help you fine-tune your messaging on Twitter and elsewhere. Once you are hitting the Twitter bullseye (birdseye?), sending followers to your website or preferred channel to learn more about what you offer (more than you can say in 140 characters at least) becomes simple.