How Influencers Can Make Money & Offer Value by Selling Books Online

How Influencers Can Make Money & Offer Value by Selling Books Online

Aerio Staff

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When you have a captivated audience rallying around your message, they expect things from you and trust youwill not lead them astray. Sounds like a lot of responsibility. But withgreat responsibility, comes great opportunity…or something like that.

Influencers who sell books have the unique opportunity to turnresponsibility into retail revenue, and at the same time, fulfill one oftheir core objectives—connecting their audience with valued content.

What Influencers Can Sell Books Online

So first things first - are you an influencer?

  • Do you have a common message/goal/interest shared by others?
  • Do you have a strong online following?
  • Do you have your own online platform?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, you are indeed an influencerand can benefit from selling books online.

Now, however you choose to position yourself as an influencer - whetheryou’re a bird watching expert, a fashion blogger, or a craft beerenthusiast - part of your role is providing your audience with value. Mostoften, this value manifests itself as content. If you can attach thatcontent to something with a monetary value, like a book for sale on your website, you can turn your loyal audience into a consistent revenue stream.

How Influencers Can Sell Books

The great thing about books—in the realm of influencer marketing—is they’rea content double-dip. Your content sends a valuable message about a book,which is also content. Two value-add pieces for your followers; one simpleway to earn money for you.

Say you’re a graphic novel collector/enthusiast. Your blog is quite popular thanks to the support you get from your Twitter followers. Both of these platforms hold opportunities to sell books:

  • A blog post reviewing a new graphic novel can contain a link to purchase the title, or contain a widget to whisk readers away to your online bookstore.
  • A tweet promoting the release of a new graphic novel can link to your online bookstore, or tie to a blog with a purchase option.

People trust you as an influencer. You’ve made a direct connection betweentwo pieces of relevant content your audience wants and needs. Capitalizeoff that relationship by offering them a trusted location to make apurchase online.

This type of native commerce can work for any type of influencer, and dowonders for your image.

Native Commerce for Influencers

At many times, influencers play dual roles as thought-leaders andmarketers. When you combine your marketing efforts with direct sales,you’re connecting your audience to valued goods via relevant content.Native commerce such as this, executed with insight, creates a positiveuser experience through simplicity and ease.

With tools like Aerio, which offers complete control of your own online book marketing and sales channel, you also get a few other added benefits:

  • This consumer information is useful in making stronger connections with current and potential followers.
  • You can also use this data to make sure you are delivering people the content they want.

All of this points towards improving your image as an influencer—connectingyour audience with great content, providing them with a superior online shopping experience, and nurturing relations by learning more about them as people.