Social Media: A Book Sales Goldmine

Social Media: A Book Sales Goldmine

March 15, 2017
Aerio Staff

Master how to successfully use social media to sell books and strike the motherlode.

In an age of heightened connectivity, opportunities to sell books online are bountiful—especially on social media.

  • Readers comment about books on Facebook.
  • Readers tweet opinions on Twitter.
  • Readers pin their favorite reads to Pinterest.

Social media offers a vast landscape of sales potential. But don’t try to canvas its entirety. You should however, take the time to figure out social media best practices and which channels work best for you.

Of course there are the obvious high-traffic areas like Facebook and Twitter, but before you start connecting with readers on social media you need a solid brand.

Plant Your Flag

In the 16th century, the English and Spanish competed in a race to find the mythical riches of El Dorado. And while the treasures of selling on social media are very real, like those intrepid explorers, you need to establish who you are and what you represent.

Some things to consider when it comes to your brand on social media:

  • Bio – most channels require a short “About Us” blurb
  • Logo – not a necessity, but will definitely set you apart
  • Header image – a strong visual depiction of you and your audience
  • Color scheme – whatever you like but make sure it stays consistent
  • Other graphics – like a color scheme, this must stay consistent

Your brand is comparable to a social media handshake. It should quickly tell your customers what you’re all about and what you have to offer.

Once you have your brand established you can start building a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Selling Books on Facebook

Facebook is easily one of the largest social media platforms on the web. If you cultivate your brand and connect with customers on Facebook, you’ll quickly reap the rewards. Here are a few basic tips to get you started:

  • Setup a Business Page—So you have a Personal Page. Great! If you want to really get selling on Facebook, you should also setup up a Business Page.
  • Engage potential customers—Keep people in the loop and engage. Let them know what’s going on with your store or titles. Post about new releases and special events.
  • Giveaways—Nothing attracts more customers to your page than giving them free books and other swag.
  • Links to Facebook—Create “Like” buttons and links to your Facebook page on other online real estate you control, like a blog or personal website.
  • Ads—If you want to maximize exposure on Facebook, they offer a variety of inexpensive advertising options.
Selling Books on Twitter

Twitter gives you the opportunity to quickly connect with readers via short messages that can pack a lot of punch. This quick break down offers the basics on how you can promote your books on Twitter:

  • Each tweet is limited to 140 characters so make sure you are delivering the most value possible.
  • Re-tweet news articles, tweets from industry thought leaders, and those from well-known authors. This is a great way to become part of the bigger discussion.
  • Reach out to customers with direct messages.

Twitter’s simple-to-use features and large network make establishing a following fairly easy. All it takes is some time and dedication. Stay active in your communities, tweet out timely and relevant information, and soon enough readers will levitate towards your brand.

Selling Books on Other Social Media Platforms

While Twitter and Facebook are two channels you definitely must be on, there are some other options that can help bolster your social media selling potential.

Pro Tip: Of the platforms listed here it’s a smart idea to choose at least one that is image driven to create a well-rounded social media sales strategy.

  • Pinterest – Online bulletin board containing all the information you’d want to share about your books. Items “pinned” to your board include an image and text. Pins can link out to other places and can be shared on other user’s boards.
  • Instagram – One of the most popular image driven social media platforms, this app lets you share stylized pictures from mobile devices. Users can like, share, and comment on your photos.
  • Tumblr – Similar to Instagram, images can be taken from anywhere and uploaded to your Tumblr for people to comment on and view.
  • Google+ – One of the biggest benefits to a Google+ page is integration with Google’s search engine. This helps drive traffic to your page and other online storefronts. Google+ is also a great place to tease blog posts or other larger forms of content.
  • YouTube – When it comes to selling on social media, having your own YouTube channel is a great way to supplement other platforms with video—one of the most engaging and versatile marketing tools available online.
There’s Gold in Them There Hills

If social media is a gold mine, why waste time panning downstream? Go direct to the source. Aerio makes it simple for anyone to sell books direct online.

  1. Set up a store
  2. Establish your brand
  3. Get social
  4. Strike it big

EUREKA! You’ve found more book sales.