Supplement Your Book Marketing with Aerio

Supplement Your Book Marketing with Aerio

Aerio Staff

One of the great things about today’s book market is the seemingly unlimited expanses of online shelf space.

This is a great thing for readers and book lovers, but presents ever-changing challenges for publishers and authors.

Overcoming new and shifting barriers often require new and unique ways of thinking. And while we are happy to toss a few digital marketing tips and nuggets of knowledge your way, one of the smartest ways to start selling more books online is to expand your book marketing and sales strategy with a tool that gives you multiple ways to directly connect with readers.

Why Focus on Selling Books Online

Whether looking for the next entry into their favorite fantasy series or searching for that life-altering self-help book, most people are searching for and buying books online.

A whitepaper published for Digital Book World 2017 showed that 70% of adult fiction sales occurred online. While a study featured on the Author Earnings blog showed the majority of traditionally published audiobooks, ebooks, and print books where purchased via the web.

It’s unlikely that people will stop searching and shopping this way anytime soon. You can gain even more ground marketing and selling books online by using Aerio to meet consumers in all the places they are.

Benefits of Selling Books Direct-to-Consumers

Market and Sell Books Online with Aerio

Aerio helps you shorten the distance between readers and your books, while creating a streamlined buying experience.

There are three key ways Aerio helps you connect with readers to sell more books online — social sharing, unique hyperlinks and embeddable book widgets.

  • Social Sharing

Get the conversation started first on social media with built-in social sharing icons.

Social media is about making introductions and spreading the good news. The social sharing capabilities on Aerio allow you to use social media to not only promote your books, but also form stronger relationships with your audience and build a following.

  • Unique Hyperlinks

Similar to social sharing, but more directly connected to your books, Aerio’s hyperlinks take an interested reader directly to a unique webpage for:

  • Individual Books
  • A Targeted Collection of Books
  • Digital Book Previews

These hyperlinks can be placed on any online real estate you control—websites, blogs, online advertisements, email marketing—and link directly to a point of sale.

  • Embeddable Book Widgets

Embedding widgets are a great way to enhance marketing messages with specific calls-to-action. Create widgets for individual books through Aerio and embed them directly on your website or blog.

Use widgets to correspond with promotions or trending topics, and whisk customers from reviewing a book to purchasing a book at a click of a button.

More Books. Fewer Sales Channels.

The new technologies have created a shift in the way people shop for books, making it possible for just about anyone to bring a book to market. And while more consumable book content is wonderful, publishers and authors are constantly having to adjust their book marketing strategies to stay competitive.

Aerio creates a direct pipeline to your customers and offers multiple points of contact where you can nurture and build valuable relationships to drive more online sales. With more ways to connect directly with readers online, it’s easier to manage your relationships and offer a greater value.

Aerio helps you guide a reader’s journey and control the point of sale, giving you one of the biggest advantages you could hope for over the competition. Build this onto your current marketing, and you’ll be an unstoppable book sales machine.