The Benefits of eBook Giveaways

The Benefits of eBook Giveaways

Aerio Staff

Giving away free ebooks is a great way to increase sales, attract social media traffic, and build a loyal customer base.

“What? You’re going to give me something I want at zero cost? No thank you sir/madam!” said no one ever. Who would of thought? When you give people free stuff, the majority of the time, it generates a positive response

While it may seem counterintuitive, doling out free products is an excellent way to increase sales. On top of improving your bottom line, giveaways are also a great way to create brand loyalty. This works for businesses of all kinds, from local coffee shops to big box retailers. It also works for publishers and authors who want to sell ebooks with Aerio.

Selling ebooks with Aerio has plenty of advantages. One of those is having complete control of your sales, meaning: if you want to hook people up with free ebooks, then by all means, do so. Here are a few reasons we think you should:

Free eBooks Increase Sales

On the surface, a business strategy that involves giving things away, may seem like a fast-track to Bankrupt City. A deeper examination done by Time showed that freebies can actually generate more profits. They pointed to three specific ways this can happen:

  1. You did me a solid, so let me return the favor – Often, when given freebies, customers feel obligated to return the favor. This usually comes in the form of a paid purchase.
  2. Rule of association – Bundling a free item with the purchase of a high-value item. For example, give away a title from an up-and-coming author with the purchase of an international bestseller. Customers create an association between the two. It’s likely they’ll seek out titles from the lesser known author for purchase.
  3. Everyone loves a mystery—giveaway that is – Rewarding customers with a free “mystery” item for doing something that is already going to produce a positive reaction makes the purchase process an adventure. This can increase the likelihood they will buy. It’s similar to points on a credit card, but with an air of mystery.
Free eBooks Increase Brand Loyalty

Giveaways can also help improve your brand, win customers, and influence them (wink wink). Especially giveaways managed on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Because of the social nature of social media, a modest giveaway can quickly turn into a viral sensation. Next thing you know, the internet is abuzz with people talking about a book seller, author or publisher who is literally giving ebooks away, and how hip and generous they are.

One free ebook is a small sacrifice for the influx of web traffic to your social media pages, website, or other online channels.

How to Get Started with eBook Giveaways

Don’t just start giving titles away willy-nilly. Like most sales and marketing strategies, you’ll want to create a plan. This two-pronged attack should get you going in the right direction:

  1. Define your goals – What does success look like for you? More sales? More impressions? A bigger email list? Figure this out first and mold your giveaway around that.
  2. Pick the right prize – Give away something worthwhile. We suggest pairing a free ebook with something in demand, like:
  3. Giving away an ebook to supplement a highly sought after title
  4. Giving away the ebook version of Book 1 in a series to tease the upcoming release for Book 2.
  5. Tease an ebook sample chapter for an upcoming release.

It’s perfectly OK to give an ebook away straight up, but make sure there is something that draws the reader back to you.

Once you have the above elements nailed down, get the word out:

  • Let your customers know you are hosting a giveaway
  • Tell them to share with their friends
  • Provide timely updates and engage
  • Shine the spotlight on readers who are interested in the giveaway
How to Use Aerio for Giveaways

There are a couple ways Aerio can help you plan and execute a phenomenally successful giveaway into your marketing strategy. The examples below offer some good places to start:

Create a Supplement
Offer a free ebook to supplement a bestselling backlist title—generate renewed interest and reach a new audience.

Series Launches
A popular series launching its next amazing installment? Use that momentum to your advantage. Offer the first title in the series as a free giveaway to promote the book about to launch. Make a fan of the series and you’ve all but guaranteed subsequent sales.

Tease an Upcoming Release
Create a free ebook sample chapter for an upcoming book release—increase awareness and build anticipation.

When you have the freedom and flexibility that comes with managing your own ebook sales, you can reap the bigtime benefits of ebooks giveaways. Aerio offers that desired level of control to booksellers, publishers, authors, and anyone else who wants to sell ebooks online.