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Aerio for Bookstores & Retailers

Aerio is a direct-to-consumer book marketing and sales platform that offers you complete control of your online bookstore. You can have a fully functional bookstore open and ready for business within minutes. Whether you are looking to supplement your brick-and-mortar store or boost your existing store’s content sales through book marketing initiatives, Aerio has you covered.

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As an Bookstore & Retailer, Aerio helps your business:

expand your reach

Expand Your Reach

Go where your customers are! Aerio allows you to create, share, and promote your bookstore online, helping your content reach more audiences. With Aerio, you can connect your content with customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Boost Your Book Marketing

From a promotional tool, providing high-quality book cover images, to a branding tool, where you can connect with customers via social media, Aerio helps you engage with your customers even more. Instantly share custom book collections online and grow your audience and sales.

book marketing
book widgets

Customizable Book Widgets

Reimagine how your business utilizes buy buttons. Through Aerio, you can host widgets on your existing blogs and websites and create buy buttons for individual books. Each with built-in social sharing and custom call-to-action capabilities.

Easily Access Robust Analytics

With Aerio’s built-in engagement analytics, you can easily access and comprehend your book sales activity, cart statistics, top product views, and overall bookstore visits to help with business forecasting.


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