About Aerio 

Aerio is an independent retail network focused on native marketing and commerce services. Aerio users can make any point of engagement into a point of sale by selling* their own ebooks, Aerio’s inventory of 15M+ books, or both:   

  • On the web  
  • On mobile/social streams  
  • And even at brick and mortar venues   

Powered by Ingram, one of the world's largest book wholesalers, Aerio gives anyone the opportunity to become part of a massive independent retail network.  


What does Aerio do?  

Aerio is a sales, marketing, and consumer engagement tool. It provides a direct-to-consumer sales experience for booklovers, publishers, authors, and tastemakers around the world—basically anyone who wants to sell books. With Aerio, you can build and maintain strong customer relationships while controlling sales, promotions, and social media marketing. 


How does Aerio work?  

Aerio’s focus is providing a direct-to-consumer book sales experience where customer relationships; sales information & analytics; and most importantly, bigger profits; are all controlled by YOU, the user.  

  1. Sell your ebooks and/or Aerio’s 15M+ books direct and earn money as a retailer.  
  1. Make any point of engagement a point of sale with social selling, widgets, and buy buttons.  
  1. Create awareness and impressions about your books while gathering consumer and sales data. 


Who can create a store with Aerio? 

Aerio was created specifically with Publishers and Authors in mind, to market & sell their books direct to their audience. That being said, Aerio can also be used by anyone who has an online following or influence, to sell from our 15M+ book catalog for free and make the retailer revenue.


How much technical knowledge is needed to use Aerio? 

Setting up a store, adding print books, uploading e-books, selling books, and sharing socially are all very user-friendly processes and require little to no technical know-how.  


Users can also embed their Aerio store front and custom book widgets into their personal blog or websites with a small degree of technical knowledge on website coding. If you have questions, please contact


How does Aerio handle privacy laws? 

At Aerio, your privacy is important to us. To read our full Privacy Policy, click here



Store Set-Up / Technical 

What does it mean for a title I own to be in the Aerio network? 

A title you own can be in the Aerio network two ways: 

  1. Your print title is already included in our 15M+ catalog, which is pulled directly from Ingram and includes any books distributed through Ingram Wholesale. 
  1. You have uploaded your digital title as an ebook into the Aerio network, which automatically includes it in out 15M+ catalog, to be sold by additional Aerio stores. 


Does Aerio work on mobile devices? 

Yes, Aerio was built with a mobile first philosophy, using responsive design to provide an optimal user experience on all mobile devices. 

What are the Digital Rights Management (DRM) options for Aerio? 

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is software used to secure intellectual property protection for multimedia. Aerio has a flexible approach to DRM offering the following:   

  • No DRM - The ebook is unmodified and can be shared and opened with nearly all devices and apps. 


  • Social DRM - SDRM, similar to a watermark, embeds ownership data on a file, allowing it’s origins to be tracked. SDRM eBooks can be shared and opened with nearly all devices and apps. 


  • Hard DRM: HDRM, is a form of copy protection in which ebooks are encrypted. This encryption places restrictions on sharing, distributing, printing and copying. HDRM ebooks can be read using apps like Bookari or Bookvia. 


 The level of DRM on an ebook file is chosen by the Publisher. 


Pricing & Payment 

Can I discount the price of any book, even if I’m not the owner? 

Yes. Users can discount the cost of any book down to the wholesale price or conversely, sell for more than list price depending on how much revenue they want to make per title.  


Users can see how different pricing impacts revenue on the Product Settings page for a title. 

  1. Sign into your Aerio Store 
  1. Click on the Store tab and either search for a new title or find an existing title listed in My Inventory 
  1. Choose the book you would like to discount and click Product Settings 
  1. Here you will see: 
  • Formats the book is available in (paperback, hardcover, etc.) 
  • List price 
  • Yout Current price 
  • Your Discount % 
  • Your Profit 
  • What % your profit is of the list price 
  • An option to create promos for that book 


Try adjusting your price to see how your discount % impacts your profits. 

Are there any transaction fees when a book sells from my store? 

Aerio does not charge stores any fees.  Production costs, shipping fees, credit card processing, and Aerio fees are all wrapped up in the minimum selling price.  Anything above the minimum selling price is considered store profits. 


Shipping & Labeling 

Are consumers charged a shipping fee for physical goods? 

Yes. The shipping fee is automatically calculated based on the consumer's geographic location and the weight of the item being shipped. 


Can I do my own distribution? 

No. One of the great things about Aerio is that Ingram Content Group handles shipping and all related customer service inquiries so publishers don't have to. Ingram has a nearly 100% same-day or next-day turn around on all purchases. Why mess with near perfection? 


Who ships the books? 

Aerio partners with Ingram Content Group for all our print book fulfillment. All print book orders will ship directly to customers from one of Ingram's geographically diverse stocking and print-on-demand facilities.  



Who do I contact for User Support & Technical Questions 

All support issues including technical support questions can be directed to






Purchasing a Book Through Aerio 

Can books be purchased directly from social media? 

All books can easily be shared through social media with a rich experience.  eBooks can also be previewed through social media. However, the entire purchase experience does not happen through social media, as users are directed back to the Aerio platform to complete their purchase. 


For ebooks, we are in the process of updating our previews to be purchase-enabled, where the user can complete the purchase experience without ever leaving a social media app. Stay tuned!  


Do consumers have to download a special app to read ebooks? 

eBooks are provided to consumers in both epub and mobi files, letting them read the content on whatever device or app they are comfortable.  We provide additional instructions on how to download free apps on all platforms for those who do not already have e-reading apps - see:  


How to Read an eBook with Bluefire, Kindle, iBooks and Aldiko 


How do I know if a book is in stock? 

Aerio performs real-time inventory checks at the time of purchase to confirm inventory is available. If any items are unavailable, the system will provide notification along with a prompt to remove those items from your cart in order to proceed with checkout. 

I live outside the US and Canada. Can I order books using Aerio? 

Currently both print and electronic books are only available to consumers within the US and Canada. International distribution is currently being implemented and will be available soon! 

What are my shipping options? 

We offer two shipping options, USPS Economy Mail and USPS Priority Mail. 

  1. USPS Economy Mail: 3-10 day service 
  1. USPS Priority Mail: 1-3 day service 

The price between the two options can vary, depending on the weight of the shipment. 


Do you accept returns through Aerio? 

Yes. There is a return label and instructions included on the packing slip that arrives with each order. For more information about returns Please contact consumer support at 



Who do I contact if I have other questions not covered in this FAQ 

All consumer support issues should be directed to 

NOTE: Aerio Consumer Support cannot take orders over the phone. If you need to make an order please place orders via the Aerio store front or publisher/booksellers’ website 

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