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Your own branded online bookstore​

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Millions of books to sell from Ingram’s* catalog​

Instantly generated book pages

Copy and paste book widgets

Custom collections

Built-in social sharing ​

Promotions and discounting

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Earn % of every sale ​

Store & cart reporting​

Print sales reported - NPD Bookscan​

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Your Own Branded Online Bookstore
Unlimited Ebook Uploads
Your Print Books to Sell from Ingram’s Catalog**
Instantly Generated Book Pages
Copy & Paste Book Widgets
Custom Collections
Built-In Social Sharing
Promotions & Discounting
Store & Cart Reporting
Email Capture at Point-of-Sale
Earn % of Every Sale, separate from Publisher Compensation and Author Royalties
Print Book Sales Reported to NPD BookScan
Your Own Branded Online Bookstore
Millions of Books to Sell from Ingram’s Catalog**
Earn % of Profit off Every Sale
Instantly Generated Book Pages
Copy & Paste Book Widgets
Custom Collections
Email Capture at Point-of-Sale
Built-In Social Sharing
Promotions & Discounting
Reports on Purchase Activity & Customer Engagement
Sell Books*
Sell & market your Books*
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Upload Your eBooks
Your Own Online Bookstore
Million of Books Available for You to Sell
Fulfillment by Ingram
or $250 / yr.
or $1000 / yr.
or $2,500 / yr.
Up to 20
Up to 100
Up to 250
Book Widgets
Social Media Sharing
Offer Promotions and Discounts
Curate Collections
Store and Cart Reporting
Aerio Covers Sales Tax and Credit Card Fees
Allow Others to Sell Your Ebooks
DRM Options
Capture Emails at Point of Sale
Capture Emails from the Book Preview and Sample Download
Generate Book Previews
Aerio reports print book sales to NDP BookScan
eBook Analytics
Ebook Giveaways

All sales tax and credit card fees are covered by Aerio. All fulfillment and customer support is handled by Ingram.
*A 15% transaction fee on every sale covers shipment and handling returns, refunds and consumer support.
**Any book available in the Ingram wholesale catalog is available to be sold through Aerio.

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